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Irene Gittarelli

Born in 1991 and raised in Turin but currently living in Padua, Irene Gittarelli is a visual artist and professional photographer of fashion and portrait. 
As a faithful friend of the penumbra and soft lights since her first works in 2005 learning the basics in the studio of artist Plinio Martelli, she has always staged her dreamlike and surreal world through cinematographic images that reveal impossible scenes and frames of suspended stories.
His artistic research, influenced by human sciences, art and cinema deals with the themes of human fragility and the relationship between man and landscape.
The body as a means to create imagery deeply inspired by the concept of infinite rebirth and metamorphosis, and the archetypes of feminine and masculine, identified by a sense of delicacy, elegance and mystery.
In his works, Gittarelli lives a deep and personal exchange between the artist and the portrayed subject
creating an aesthetic dimension without time and space, where the characters give life to their inner self in its most varied and fluid forms of expression, a collection of moments with the leitmotiv of a dim yet persistent twilight as if to symbolize a positive glimmer of hope that redeems the melancholic sense of loss.


Tel : +39 3405474294
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2011/2015 - BA in Art and New Media - Albertina Fine Arts Academy - Torino

2015/2019 - MA in Photography and Visual Arts - Brera Fine Arts Academy - Milan



2021 - Yicca Contemporary Art Prize, finalist

2021 - World Water Day 2021 Photo Contest, shortlisted

2021 - 100 Greatest Emerging Photography Talent in Europe by FRESH EYES (Amsterdam), on printed book - Powered by GUP Magazine.

2020 - Luna Rosa Prize/ Brera Academy of Fine Art, winner

2017 - Lynx Prize 2017, winner special prize Photography. Exhibition at Lux Art Gallery, Trieste 

2017 - International Photography Award honorable mention

2017 - Fine Art Photography Award honorable mention

2017 - Prize G@P UNDER 35 Paratissima XIII- Superstition, winner - collaboration with Roccavintage Gallery and Fondazione Alinari

2016 -  4° International Art Prize ISIDE 2016, Exhibition of the finalist artists, 3rd place. Rocca dei Rettori. Benevento

2016 - OGR Torino with Banca CRT, selected artist to document the restoration work and creation of an art project

2011 - Photography National Prize Vittorio Bachelet, finalist, Roma 




2018 - The Secret Language of Silent Things, curated by Davide Paludetto. Project Room Davide Paludetto Arte Contemporanea Gallery

2016 - La velocità del buio curated by Francesca Canfora, Spacenomore Art Gallery/ Palazzo Graneri della Roccia -Torino 




2020 - FOTOGRAF(I)E, group exhibition at Davide Paludetto Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Torino

2018 - XVII China International Photographic Art Festival, VISIONI curated by Claudio Brufola. Zhengzou, China

2018 - PELLE, group exhibition curated by Alessandro Santi,  Artgallery37, Torino

2017 - Evanescence, selected from Academy of Fine Arts of Brera exhibition curated by Luca Panaro. Bottega Immagine, Milano

2017 -  ImageNation Paris - selected artists, Espace des Arts sans Frontières, Paris.
2017 - Trieste Lynx Prize 2017, winners exhibition at Lux Art Gallery.

2016 - MISERERE, the seven works of mercy in the contemporary art. curated by Office of the Cultural Heritages of the Archdiocese of Vercelli

2015 - GENOVA CONTEMPORANEA , II International Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Satura Art Gallery, Palazzo Stella, Genova

2015 - FISAD (Art and Design Schools International Festival) photography exhibition with selected 2013 - Traduzioni Visionarie -  XXVI International Book Fair of Torino, curated by Davide Giglio and Daniele Ratti, Torino
students of Albertina Academy of fine Arts

2012 - HUMAN RIGHTS? Art from the World. Human Rights International Review, curated by Spazio Tempo Arte, Association Opera Campana dei Caduti - Rovereto

2012 - 7 SINS, AVARIZIA, curated by Roberto Ronca, ARCOS- Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Benevento 

2012 - Extreme, group exhibition curated by Davide Dell'Acqua, D'art Visual Gallery, Como

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